Pier450: Our Commitment to Safety, Cleanliness & Comfort

The health, safety and comfort of our guests, employees and the surrounding community are our highest priority. The Quarters motel at Pier450 is currently open and the restaurant and market will be opening soon. As we welcome guests and continue to move forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put in place strict safety protocols to the benefit of all of those who work on and visit our property.


As restrictions change over time, we will follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Maryland and the Centers for Disease Control and update our protocols and this statement, accordingly. We will always err on the side of caution to ensure everyone’s health and comfort.


We do also enjoy the benefit of an open-air environment that can provide a place of community, fresh air and relaxation — even more in need right now. Let’s work together to make it a safe experience.


Our preparedness and comfort commitment for Pier450:


The Quarters Motel

  • Before each stay at the motel, all touchable surfaces will be wiped clean and sanitized. Cleaning staff is kept to a minimum in each room and everyone wears appropriate protective masks while servicing each room. Once cleaning and sanitizing are complete, no one else enters the room before each arrival.
  • Our check-in system is contactless. Guests are sent codes for entry and are able to reach our virtual innkeeper electronically or by phone should they have needs during their stay.
  • All rooms have a dedicated HVAC unit and there is no recirculating air. Filters are cleaned regularly.
  • Mattresses and linens are 100% organic cotton and are regularly refreshed. Each room features at least two windows that can be opened for fresh air and circulation.
  • Housekeeping services are provided daily during guest stays. You may request that we forgo those services if you prefer.
  • Ice trays in the mini refrigerator/freezer are replaced between guest stays.
  • Guests should observe social distancing guidelines when not in their rooms. Masks are recommended.

The Yards

  • The Yards at Pier450 are open only to guests of the property (motel and, ultimately, restaurant and market). Guests will be asked to maintain social distancing guidelines as they make their way through the various parts of the property. Masks are recommended outside. Disposable masks are available upon request.
  • Outdoor activities, such as kayaking and game playing, can still be enjoyed as long as social distancing requirements are met and groups are small. At this time, only kayaks supplied by Pier450 may be launched on the property.

Employee & Guest Care

  • We will continually monitor employee health and insist that employees not feeling well not come to work. Guests are asked to monitor their own health and refrain from staying on the property if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or suspect they may have had contact with others with the disease within two weeks of their stay.
  • While at work, employees will wear masks and face shields as recommended (or required) by the State of Maryland and the Centers for Disease Control. Disposable mask will be available to guests upon request.
  • Employees will wash their hands after every human contact and will sanitize surfaces frequently throughout their shifts.

We will add information about our restaurant and market protocols as those are ready to open to the public.


Thank you for bearing with us during this challenging time! We hope to make your stay as safe and comfortable as we possibly can.