Rooms at The Quarters

Eight uniquely curated rooms, each with a different theme and beautifully decorated interiors. With organic cotton linens, mini refrigerators with freezers, Keurig coffee makers and other fine touches, the rooms at The Quarters are more luxury boutique motel than what you’d expect from the roadside version.

The Quarters was original a (completely!) no frills encampment for fisherman. Cinderblock walls, three twin beds to a room, no HVAC beyond a window unit…yeah, that kind of “no frills.’ Today, the rooms feature luxury amenities and an expansive front porch perfect for enjoying the view of nearby farm fields and water.

About the Rooms



4 adults / 2 full beds / 256 sq. ft.

Inspired by the vintage Washington and Dallas football posters we found during one of our “treasure” hunts, this room is one of two that features two double beds with room for four people. “Room 1,” it’s also closest to the restaurant, bar and beach. You’ll love the old football photographs — almost as much as the luxury linens and stunning tile bathroom. It all comes together for the win. (Too cheesy?)



2 adults / 1 queen bed / 256 sq. ft.

A John Lennon lithograph signed by Yoko Ono started us down this design path. The stencilled wall pattern is a little trippy, itself, and will hopefully lull you into contemplation, relaxation…imagination. (Or maybe it’s more of a Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds-kind of trippy. Just keep it legal, please.)


2 adults / 1 king bed / 256 sq. ft.

Owner Peggy Binzel grew up in Oklahoma before departing for Baylor University in Texas. And thus, a theme was born. The longhorn find was a bonus. With a king sized bed, of course, and the highest quality organic cotton bedding, this room has room for big dreams — and big hair. If that’s your thing.


2 adults / 1 queen bed / 256 sq. ft.

Old world meets new with this fit-for-a-queen (queen-sized) bed, antique European paintings and “Here’s Looking at You” wall decor. With plenty of storage, a full length mirror and seating area, you may just decide you can take in all the sights without ever leaving the comforts of your room.

Dorothy Draper

2 adults / 1 king bed / 256 sq. ft.

The renowned interior designer was big on color, prints — and personality. Her classic palm design and pink and green aesthetic (think: Greenbrier Resort) are the perfect pick-me-up. This room also features a king sized bed and (almost) all the amenities you’d expect from the famed West Virginia resort for which she is best known. In a once-a-fishing-camp kind of way, that is.


Country Club

2 adults / 1 queen bed / 256 sq. ft.

That’s “country” as in Dolly. And you’ll find her imprint all over this room. Plus a little Johnny Cash thrown in for good measure. Couple all that with Dolly-style hospitality and comfort, and you have the perfect place to relax after a hard day working 9 to 5. (See what I did there?) Now, some people call this the mermaid room because of that beautiful wall stencil (all of which were painted by Peggy and niece Amy, btw). It’s certainly a (paint) Coat of Many Colors, don’t you think?


La La Land

2 adults / 1 queen bed / 256 sq. ft.

This one is all Hollywood glamour, starting with the vintage Tinsel Town posters and art deco style wall stencil. Plush pillows, plenty of shiny things to catch your eye, and all those luxury linens…you might just think you’re waking up in Beverly Hills. (Well, minus the butler.)


Star Turn

4 adults / 2 full beds / 256 sq. ft.

James Dean, the Big Lebowski, Andy Warhol…there’s a lot to turn your head in this star-studded room. “Room 8,” this one is at the far end of the motel — if you’re looking for a little more solitude. And it has two double beds with room for four. We’re happy to serve you up a White Russian in Le Bar at the restaurant if you’re up to channeling The Dude. Relaxation is not far behind.


Arrival & Departure

Check in is at 3:00 p.m. and check out at 11:00 a.m. We guarantee your room will be ready by 3:00 on the day of your arrival. If you arrive early, you’re free to enjoy the property, including the restaurant (you'll find the restaurant/bar hours here), pier, beach and firepits. We will try to accommodate early check ins/late check outs within an hour of our stated times where possible — ask your guest services manager prior to your arrival/departure.


Reservations & Payments

We are a contactless motel — that is, there isn’t an onsite innkeeper to greet you or take payment information. To alleviate the need to repeatedly contact you for credit card information prior to your stay, 100% of your payment will be charged at the time you make your reservation. A confirmation letter will be sent when we receive payment. For other payment arrangements, please email or call us.


Advance reservations are required. There is no one onsite to accommodate walk-ins.



We are a very small motel and cancellations affect us significantly. As such, we need to adhere to a strict cancellation policy. Payments for single rooms are refundable if cancelled more than 10 days prior to your stay, minus a $25 processing fee. If your reservation is cancelled within 10 days of your arrival date, 50% of your fee will be forfeited.


Payments for groups booking more than three rooms are refundable if cancelled more than 30 days prior to your arrival date, minus a $50 processing fee. If your multi-room reservation is cancelled within 30 days of your arrival date, 50% of your fee will be forfeited.


Innkeeping Services

We don’t have a lobby with a front desk or an onsite concierge. That said, we do have lots of people whose jobs are to make sure you have fun and that your stay is as comfortable as possible. Your confirmation letter and subsequent communications will provide you with details for how to contact our guest services manager if you have questions or need assistance. We can also direct you to information about local attractions and resources.


In-Room & Onsite Food Preparation

A mini refrigerator with freezer and Keurig coffee maker are provided in each room. For safety and the comfort of other guests, other cooking appliances are not permitted in or outside of the motel, including grills. Several Keurig pods are provided each day of your stay.


Personal Belongings

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of our small property and lovely views, we ask that you not leave personal belongings in front of the motel while you are in your room or away from the property, including, but not limited to, chairs, clothing, towels, beverage containers, etc. Trash cans are provided in your room and are placed throughout the property for your use.



We allow pets at The Quarters — with a few conditions:

  1. When at all possible, please take them with you when you’re out and about so they don’t disturb other guests pining for your return.
  2. A $25 cleaning fee per pet is payable when you make your reservation. For guests who forget to report pets prior to arrival, we'll simply charge the card on file.
  3. Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside on the property.
  4. Please pick up after your pet and properly dispose of waste.


Property Amenities 

Guests of The Quarters at Pier450 may enjoy use of our beach, pier, beach firepits and kayaks. Use of these amenities is solely at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety.


  • Kayak Use
    PFDs/Lifejackets and oars are provided by Pier450 for use with the kayaks. All guests are responsible for wearing PFDs while using the boats. Guests acknowledge that kayaking on open water can be dangerous. It is your responsibility to determine your skill level and the sufficiency of any safety gear or other precautions necessary to minimize the risk of the activity. Guest expressly assumes the risk of personal injury and loss or damage to personal property when using the kayaks.


  • Property Damage & Theft
    Guests of the motel are responsible for their own personal property. Pier450 is not responsible for lost or stolen property.Guests will be charged for damage to the property during their stay beyond normal wear and tear, and for property stolen from the premises. This may also include charges for the cleaning of excessive stains. Cigarette smoking and vaping, as noted above, are forbidden and will result in a $250 cleaning fee.


  • (Mini) Resort Fee
    The mini resort fee of $10/night helps us maintain the grounds and gardens at Pier450 and the amenities we offer to our motel guests — round-the-clock access to the beach, use of the kayaks and firepits (there is no charge for motel guests), wifi and more.


Country Septic

It's a fact of life in the country: We are not on a municipal septic system. While we have installed a best-in-class system, these simply aren't designed for some things. Please flush only toilet paper — no wipes, towels, kleenex or sanitary products.


Fishing & Crabbing

Pier450 is a multifaceted resort with guests who enjoy the property in a variety of ways. To ensure the enjoyment of all, we have limited fishing or crabbing off the pier to guests of The Quarters ONLY, and only when the restaurant and/or outdoor bar are not open. "Leave no trace" — please make sure to clean up any remnants of your activities so they aren't unpleasant to other guests nor invite predators.

Off-hours fishing and crabbing are limited to our guests only and not to other friends or family. Outside visitors will be considered trespassers and will be asked to leave the property.



Our property guests are welcome to take personal photos during their stay. (In fact, we encourage you to share your positive experiences on social media — just don't forget to tag us! Facebook and Instagram.


Click here for information about staged or posed shoots.


Drugs & Firearms

We are a drug-free property. Anyone suspected of having, using or distributing illegal substances on the property will be asked to leave immediately. Firearms and weapons of any kind or not allowed on the property.



Room occupancy is limited to the number of beds available unless approved by management prior to your visit — that is, two people per double, queen or king-sized bed. Guests who do not adhere to this policy may be asked to leave. Booking fees will not be refunded.


Motel guests must be at least 25 years of age to book a room at The Quarters motel.



Happy Hour

3-5 pm, 9-11 pm

Tuesday - Sunday




Brunch available until 3:45pm
OPEN 'til 9pm
Light Fare + Comfort Food
OPEN 'til 9pm
WED4-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
THURS4-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
FRI3-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
SAT11am-9pmOPEN 'til 11pm

Brunch available until 3:45pm
OPEN 'til 9pm
Light Fare + Comfort Food
OPEN 'til 9pm
WED4-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
THURS4-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
FRI3-9pmOPEN 'til 10pm
SAT11am-9pmOPEN 'til 11pm